Woodlands Federation

The Woodlands Federation

Talbot First School

We form the The Woodlands Federation with St Peter’s CE (VC) First School


First School

Woodlands Federation

The Square, Marchington, Staffordshire, ST14 8LH


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School Uniform

It is not the policy of the Education Committee to make compulsory the wearing of any distinctive clothing or uniform. However, all pupils are required to attend school appropriately dressed, and for the assistance of parents many schools have adopted guidelines on dress. This school offers parents the choice of an informal school uniform which is as follows:

Boys                                                                           Girls

Burgundy sweatshirt                                                     Burgundy sweatshirt or cardigan

White shirt                                                                   White blouse

Grey trousers                                                               Grey skirt

Sensible black or dark shoes                                          Sensible black or dark shoes

Grey or white socks                                                       White or grey socks or tights

School tie                                                                     School tie

                                                                                   Grey trousers may be worn during

                                                                                      the Autumn and Spring Terms


During snowy or very wet weather boots may be worn, but shoes must be also be brought for children to wear in class.


In the Summer - as above or:

White polo shirt (without tie)                                         White polo shirt (without tie)

Grey shorts                                                                  Red and white striped or checked dress

Suitable sandals may be worn                                       Suitable sandals may be worn.


Sandals should be supportive and suitable for active play. No flip flops or strappy sandals, sparkles, toys or unsuitable heels                                                  


Both boys and girls are requested to wear socks at all times please.

Other than wristwatches, no jewellery is allowed in school.   Earrings should not be worn to school. If you are considering having your child’s ears pierced we would recommend that this takes place in the summer holiday to allow time for the ears to heal completely before the return to school.


To participate fully in Physical Education pupils will need:


  • Black pull-on or Velcro pumps (not lace-ups please)
  • Plain white T-Shirt
  • Black shorts
  • White socks for girls when wearing tights
  • Track suit or similar for outdoor PE during colder weather
  • PE bag with drawstring clearly marked with the child’s name


A spare pair of socks and pants kept in the PE bag can be very useful for unforeseen circumstances.



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